Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Technology of the Future

I was unable to attend the Broach School event today due to transportation issues. I was ready to go however with my clay supplies and lesson plan. I am extremely disappointed that I could not come since I was prepared.

Below is my lesson plan, in which I supplied a tub of Crayola air-dry clay as well as colored clay for the 3D modeling part of the project. Jade Pilgrom supplied the 2D aspects of the project with colored pencils and paper.

Technology of the Future

Imagine 20 or 40 years into the future. What is something that you think will change… the way people transport themselves, ways of communication, or entertainment?

Think of why certain items like phones, computers, and video games would be different. To make communication easier, to better society, or just be more fun? Most importantly what do you think you will need in the future?

1) Choose an item (phone, computer, car, personal robot…) that you will use in the future. Draw out what you imagine it will look like and visually (draw out) how it will function.

2) Use your drawing to make a 3D model of your actual design!