Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Reading Situation

As far as reading is concerned, the practice seems almost habitual to me. My mother is librarian and has been for my entire "situation" so reading never seemed like a chore for me- it has always been fun and imaginative. Reading is a lot more personal than watching t.v. for me. A t.v. program is formatted so that every viewer has a similar take on what they viewed... it's kind of monotonous. Reading, however is designed for the creative mind and can be interpreted into many different fashions based on the individual reader. Growing up, I was always told by my mother or instructors that I had a "different way" of thinking and I didn't necessarily learn the "right way". Reading is very forgiving because there is no right way to read or understand the words. Being a visual person, reading allows for me to envision the story through my imagination- once into a story it becomes like an addiction because I don't want the story to stop or my visualizations.

As far as how I read I tend to read silently hah. But on occasion I'll read some passages aloud because I like to feel the words escape and how they sound. Sometimes the intended tone is not specific so saying the words in different ways makes the story richer and less flat.

I tend to read fiction because isn't it always better than what actually happens? I recently finished "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins which is fantastic, especially if you enjoy post- apocalyptic stories that involve a corrupt government. The tale of survival is one that never seems to age or be dated and that is a factor that makes many timeless stories.
Hopefully this course will lessen the gap between my latest reading because I do find myself not having enough time to read or read the way I like to, which is continuously.

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