Monday, January 17, 2011

Platonic Dialogue Concerning Social Interaction

Media is such a broad term that is seems almost impossible to base a conversation or dialogue off of its meanings. The first thing that media generates is communication and generally the particular media source makes communicating easier. My quarrel with making communication easier is that inevitably the interaction between others will cease. As humans, we are social beings and we thrive off of others- with social networks, such as facebook people grow accustomed to flat dialogue and unrealistic physical and emotional responses. These sites and communicating online as a whole can give people a false sense of power and control. Because the conversing party is not present, unusually harsh words can be exchanged with little remorse. Social networks enable individuals because there are no consequences for the context for what is exchanged.

The below dialogue will be based off of an instant messaging conversation relating to a misconstrued relationship.

X: Hey! How was your weekend?!

Y: … Alright, I guess. I didn’t really do much. What about you?

X: I just hung out with Michelle and Sarah. Pretty uneventful too hah

[new photos of this past weekend just became posted online]

Y: umm, uneventful?

X: what?

Y: You said you didn’t do anything… but it appears you did go out.

X: Oh, well it was a REALLY small get together and it was at Michelle’s house so it’s not that big of a deal.

Y: Okay, well don’t tell me that we’re going to hang out and not get back to me. It’s especially rude when I see that you were at a party.

(Assertiveness that wouldn’t be as abrupt if it the context of the conversation happened in “real life”.)

X: Sorry. I didn’t know I was obliged to ask you to come.

(This statement, being very much a part of the platonic argument proves that not all people share the same logic of what is ideal and what is not.)

Y: A friend should always be included or at least KNOW what’s up with the situation! I feel like the last person to know about these things. I’m only ever “notified” when I receive a facebook notification!

X: I just didn’t think you’d enjoy it and quite honestly I like to do spur of the moment things. It’s not that big of a deal.

(“It’s not that big of a deal” seems uncaring and makes the other person feel inadequate in their emotions)

Y: I don’t know… it just feels like we never really hang out anymore..

(Facebook becoming a substitute for social interaction)

Y: Like, we always say we’ll do something when talking online but in actuality we never do.

X: I guess so. It just seems so hard to actually get out and see someone, you know? Talking on here just seems easier.

Y: It is easier haha but I feel like we need to hang out… in person?

X: Definitely! Well call me after class tomorrow and maybe can just hangout?

(An actual phone call would provide more information within the context of the dialogue based on tone and understanding)

Y: Sounds good! bye

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