Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping things cool

I feel like the next “cool” thing will be a more exclusive society, people will be more focused on self advancements but not so much as a community. One thing that is kind of disheartening to me is how bookstores are closing nation-wide and reading, as a whole seems to be on the outs. I suppose reading is not dead per say it just does not have the same magic feel to me when I read text on a screen. So I guess reading as it once was, or the format has expired but digital reading is at a high. I can see this as a positive attribute to society because people, especially the younger population, take their ipods, ipads, and e-readers everywhere. This makes reading with a vast library easily accessible and accessibility will encourage reading as a behavior. Another thing that’s encouraging about all of this is that I can already see the progress on making reading cool. The other day I was watching something on hulu and a commercial for came on. The advertisement was selling reading as being easy and convenient because the novel, essay, or whatever material can go anywhere.

I don’t think this is too new but I definitely get the majority of my news and pop culture from the internet. Instead of looking at a magazine such as US I go to sites such as, which started as one site but now has many sister sites, like fitperez, pereztv, and even a site for pets. I like that I can pretty much find whatever is the common interest of the moment and from there browse other nonsense. Today I actually read an interesting article on perezhilton that talked about theatre and acting with robots. I personally think the acting would seem very cold and ineffective since the droid or robot has no memories that mirror any emotion… so what could they feed off of. I do agree that it was pretty cool seeing both a human actor and a robot working together but it seems very science fiction to me too… the sci-fi that has something go wrong! Hah.

Here’s a link to the article that I referred to,

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