Monday, March 28, 2011

Project Proposal

I’m considering making a media project based on music and it’s relationship to a person’s mood... I would show my group of students to be aware of how a song or beat provokes emotions. I’d make a playlist of probably five songs, depending on how much time I was given with the children, and I’d ask them to either use descriptive words or draw how the music made them feel. From that preliminary question I’d follow up with “what about the music or beat made you feel different… for example the quick tempo making someone feel anxious?”. I’m not sure if the classroom will have a stereo or a way I can play the music or not…


I could construct a handout that they can complete all of which relating to the future and how the predict changes amongst themselves and society as a whole. This project would be expanding upon the idea from one of our past blog posts about the “next big thing in the media”. An example question could be, “What does the phone of the future look like and what aspects would be beneficial to the design?” As for an answer the students may choose to either draw what it would look like or use words to describe their design, whichever option they are most comfortable with.

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